Additional Services


C5 Wheel Armour Protection coating will make your rims easier to clean, stop brake dust biting in and pitting your expensive rims.
•Rim Face only option from $80 per rim
•Full Wheel option from $120 per rim

Interior Protection

Keeping your car’s interior protected means it is easier to clean and keep clean, gives it a longer-lasting resistance to wear and tear.
•L1 Smart Fabric Coat
•L1AB Leather Coat
•C6 Matte Dash Coat

Headlight restoration

From $130 (GST Inc.)

Shampoo Seat Extraction/Leather Scrub & Coat

From $200 (GST Inc.)

window tinting

Ceramic 3m Film
Window tinting can help block up to 70% of UV rays from the sun, keeping your interior looking crisp, and yourself from needing sunscreen. (Size of vehicle)
From $400+

windscreen coating

G1 Clear vision Smart Glass
Adding an invisible, durable coating to glass surfaces to protect against water spotting and make rain and water simply disappear.
•Windscreen Only option from $100
•Full Windows and Windscreen options from $250

Professional Dealership Detailing

Vinyl Sticker Removal

Price per application (PPA)

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