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A car detailing service does more than simply clean the vehicle; it also keeps a car’s paint and interior protected, so these parts are less susceptible to natural elements and wear over time.


Here at Professional Dealership Detailing (PDD), we uphold our reputation in delivering top-class services for making your car look fabulous! Are you looking to prolong the lifespan of your vehicle and maintain its maximum resale value? 

With over 6 years of experience, we assure you that it will be more than just making your car shiny. We have a team of experienced, highly trained, and knowledgeable professionals for your car detailing enquiries. Our services do not disappoint, and we make sure you make the most value out of your money and receive the desired outcome you expected.

We are ready to take on your car detailing enquiries to ensure your pride and joy get the protection level it deserves. We offer a range of car detailing services such as interior car detailing, car paint protection, window tinting and car paint correction. Book today to get your vehicle protected.


Looking For a Reliable Brisbane Car Detailing Service You Can Trust?


If you have a service that you used before and it provided a satisfactory outcome, you are more likely to recommend it to your family and friends. At PDD, we specialise in car detailing,  car paint protection, car paint correction and many more that are catered to each car owner. There is no such thing as a challenging project to take on. We have a group of skilled, experienced, and passionate workers to bring your vehicle up to the desired goal you expect, which can be maintained for the long term.


We Welcome All Sizes of Cars – Be it Small Or Big  


Car detailing Brisbane is increasingly mistaken as a service that is more inclined towards car enthusiasts or luxury/sports car owners. Unfortunately, this is not true. No matter the size of the car, old or new, traditional or modern, we offer our services to anyone keen on sustaining their vehicle to the best quality on the road. We believe that car detailing services should be more aware of the public.


Variety of Services For Your Car Detailing Matters


Aside from car detailing services, we also provide a wide range of services such as ceramic coating, car window tint Brisbane, headlight and plastic restoration. We offer a range of services that makes your car the best appearance you could ask for. We take pride in what we do and strive to deliver the best possible outcome for your car detailing matters.


Looking For Quality and Satisfactory Car Detailing in Brisbane?


Whether your car is new or old, or if you are planning to sell it, we can provide a solution to retain your car to return to its original glory. Since a car can be a daily necessity and the primary mode of transport to some, damage to your car’s appearance is unavoidable. Cracks and stains can be from sun damage, bird stools, and insect stains.


Best Car Detailing in Brisbane


If you are reading this, you have found a car detailing expert that provides top-class services to car owners that want to beautify their car’s appearance. Here at PDD, we customise our personalised service to ensure you make the most of your budget.


We are passionate about providing a satisfactory outcome for your clients. We are entirely transparent about our pricing and with the knowledge and skills that we possess, we assure you that we work towards what’s best for your car.


Extensive Approach Delivers Premium


For a full car detail in Brisbane, you need an experienced team. When you pay for a complete service, you should be able to rely on receiving a comprehensive approach and the highest standards of quality when expecting the car to be returned. We take every process seriously and ensure that your needs are addressed. As part of the paint correction process, defects such as swirl marks and other blemishes caused by the environment are removed.


Choose Professional Dealership Detailing (PDD) in Brisbane


Additionally, we will provide a long-lasting coating for wheels that repels brake dust and liquid. At PDD, we are the premium car detailing service in Brisbane. We are located at Browns Plains and are open from Monday to Friday.


You can rest assured that our 5-star google reviews come from genuine car enthusiasts like yourself, who were pleased with our results. Your car deserves a thorough restoration. Don’t wait. Here’s a cost-effective solution right here and waiting on your doorstep.

Our services

Interior Car Detailing

Make the interior of your car immaculate today As much as the car's exterior is important for many owners, the car interior is most frequently used. We spend most of our time in the car, driving, eating or even working. Drinking and eating in the car are becoming increasingly familiar with the increased implementation of drive-through restaurants. By protecting your car’s interior, you make the interior easier to maintain and to clean and give it a longer lifespan.

Car Paint Protection

Get your car protected by our experts today. It is more than just the appearance of your car, professional paint protection allows it to last for years preventing wear over time. The life of the coating will be drastically reduced without proper decontamination and polishing of paintwork.

Professional Dealership Detailing

Window Tinting

Protect your car from harmful UV rays. When it comes to appearance, performance, comfort, and durability, the quality and performance of the tint becomes critical. Window tinting reduces the exposure to UV rays and can block up to 70%.

Car paint correction

Quality and advanced car paint protection for your old and new cars. Are you looking for a paint correction for your car? We can help you to correct major paint defects and beautify the visual appearance of your car.


Why Choose us

Satisfied and Impressive End Result Guaranteed

At PDD, we ensure the safety of your car by only using high-quality and premium car detailing supplies and cleaning products. Shine your car and make your car like a brand-new car. We are passionate about beautifying your vehicle with our passion and an eye for detail. We understand that every car owner loves to keep their vehicle in good condition as it is one of their most significant investments. Professional detailing can enhance the value of your car in the long term and make them more valuable.   

Let's See Our Car Detailing Packages ​

Are you looking for car detailing services in Brisbane? We have different types of car detailing packages catered to your requirements.

In & Out Detailing Package (FROM $150+ GST incl.)

Includes exterior body wash, interior degrease wipe down, wheel and rims clean, thorough vacuum, tyre shine, window polishing and new car fragrance.

Full Detail (FROM $300+ GST Incl.)

Includes Engine Bay degrease/gloss coating, 3-stage exterior body wash, door jam degrease, wheels and rims clean, interior degrease wipe down, shampoo extraction,

Thorough vacuum, interior plastic gloss, exterior plastic coating, tyre shine, window polishing, spray wax and new car fragrance.

Pre-sale Full Detailing Package (From $450+ GST Incl.)

Includes Engine Bay degrease, 3-Stage Exterior body wash (Body wash, Clay towel, IronX removal), door Jam degrease, wheels, rims clean, interior degrease wipe down, shampoo Extraction/Leather clean, thorough vacuum, interior plastic gloss, exterior plastic coating, tyre shine, window polish, new car fragrance, single stage paint correction (polishing), spray Wax

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