Correction Packages

(all correction process include an in & out detail)

 Single stage correction. from $350+ (GST Incl.)

Light surface marks removed, gloss levels enhanced, and paintwork clarity achieved.

RUPES D-A FINE is the result of extensive testing to develop a fine polish that combines noticeable cutting performance with impressive finishing. The proprietary formula developed and blended by RUPES is designed to perform with Dual Action polishers, including both large-stroke random orbital and gear-driven tools. Colour-coordinated to RUPES yellow foam, wool, and microfiber pads, DA-FINE delivers excellent defect removal, incredibly high finish quality, and a super-easy wipe off for excellent user experience. DA-FINE represents the perfect second polishing step after DA-COARSE on virtually every type of painted, gelcoat, or varnished finish or as a stand-alone solution for light polishing needs.

– Excellent cutting performance relative to most “fine” polishing compounds
– New micro-abrasive technology and proprietary blend enhance finishing ability
– Easy wipe-off, for fewer towel marks on soft paints or delicate surfaces
– Easy application when used with RUPES colour-coordinated pad system
– One-step light defect removal and finishing on most paints
– Can also be excellent 2nd step polish following D-A Coarse Compound
– Recommended for use with BigFoot Random Orbital or Gear-Driven tools

 2-stage correction. from $600+ (GST Incl.)

Medium swirls and scratches removed, oxidation extracted, gloss levels increased, and extra paintwork clarity achieved.

RUPES QUARZ GLOSS is a medium-grained abrasive compound that easily repairs slight scuffs and minor scratches from eg, car wash brushes.

QUARZ can be used with confidence because it leaves no halo or hologram.

BigFoot abrasive compounds are the result of extensive research and studies; they are made from high quality abrasive mixes, all silicone-free. The compounds are specially designed for roto-orbital polishing.

Roto-orbital polishing components require a unique formulation to ensure the perfect combination of product viscosity and aggressiveness.

 3-stage Correction. from $850+ (GST Incl.)

90% removal of superficial scratches, swirls and other imperfections from your vehicles paint work  

RUPES D-A COARSE is the latest high-performance compound from RUPES designed for maximum efficiency. This fast-cutting compound is ideal for users who want quick defect removal and smooth user experience on every type of paint. The formulation is optimized to achieve the best performance if used with RUPES Coarse blue foam, DA wool pads, or coarse microfiber discs together with BigFoot Dual Action Polishers, including both random orbital and gear-driven tools.
D-A Coarse represents a significant advancement in the world of cutting compound performance and finishes with excellent clarity, low dusting, and easy wipe off.

– High-performance cutting compound
– Durable lubrication system for an extended polishing cycle and longer working time
– Low dusting formula reduces post-compound clean-up work
– One-step moderate-to-severe defect removal and finishing on most paints
– Sanding mark and severe defect removal
– Recommended for random orbital or gear-driven polishers

What is Rupes?

(About RUPES and the tools we use to carry out our correction process)

RUPES is a family owned and operated Italian Company, founded in 1947 in Milan. Since its inception, RUPES commitment to product innovation and quality manufacturing has defined the company as a worldwide benchmark manufacturer of professional electric and pneumatic tools.

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