🔸 PPF - Full Front Protection Package
- Front Bumper
- Side Mirrors
- Full Bonnet
- Headlights
🔸 New Car Protection Package
- Crystal Serum Ultra Ceramic Coating
- Ceramic Window Tint
- Full Interior Protection
- Wheel Faces Ceramic Protection

The ultimate protection has taken place for this Tesla protecting from stone chips and self-healing scratches on the front of the vehicle. With also top tier ceramic coatings to finish the rest of the vehicle off!
With PDD's Tesla PPF Wrap, give your electric marvel the armor it deserves. Our Tesla PPF Wrap Brisbane service isn't a mere add-on; it's a necessity for the discerning owner.

Why Choose PPF for Your Tesla?

Because every journey should be about enjoyment, not about worrying over nicks and scratches. Our PPF wrap is a guardian angel, maintaining that showroom shine.

Comprehensive Protection

From the bustling streets of Brisbane to the rugged outback, our New Car Protection ensures every inch of your Tesla is shielded.

Tailored for Tesla

We understand that a Tesla is more than a car. That’s why our Tesla Ceramic Coating and PPF services are custom-designed to match Tesla’s unique aesthetics and needs.

Why PDD?

Because we’re passionate about protection. Our Paint Protection Brisbane services are not just about preserving your car’s look; they’re about enhancing your driving experience.

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